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Walls overwhelming us…

I realized that they are still taking place in this country...

-Alfred White-

PRINCIPIA is a Visual novel game featuring anthro races called BeastChild. 

A konbinat worker named Nicolas, honored student called Alfred, and Hal :an Orthodox believer of the Church...their background and current life would be gradually uncovered by the storytelling.

Readers( I mean, you ) will relive their experiences by sharing their subjective view.

There’s no specific "Dateable" characters in this game, but depending on your choice their relationship might change into something strange, and unexpectable one. 

Development of PRINCIPIA is based on strong support by my friends, and reassuring help by the contributors. Please take a look at their original contents as well!


Creator / Developer  -  Nymn Wales

Proofwrite Contributor - Ziwz

Plot Adviser - Eucetonia

General Adviser - Fizzie, Bubadeiras

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Download from Google Drive
PRINCIPIA-0.1.5-pc.zip 194 MB
PRINCIPIA-0.1.5-mac.zip 177 MB
principia.test-arm64-v8a-debug.apk 279 MB

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So excited for more of this, please continue on this project! and don't give up!


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Thank you very much for playing PRINCIPIA! Now I'm preparing a monthly update so please be delightened. :)